The correlation of P-center adjustments with articulatory and acoustic events

Research paper by Kenneth J. De Jong

Indexed on: 01 Jul '94Published on: 01 Jul '94Published in: Perception & psychophysics


To evaluate articulatory models of perceptual center (P-center) location, listeners performed perceptual adjustments on stimuli which were extracted from a corpus of articulatory data. To avoid streaming effects, the stimuli were not edited to obtain temporal variation; instead, they varied in stress and segmental content. Adjustments were evaluated as to their simultaneity with acoustic and articulatory events. The first experiment yielded various articulatory and acoustic correlates of P-center location; the second yielded different articulatory predictors and no acoustic effective predictors. Multiple correlation analyses showed a variation from P-center locations predicted by the articulatory events that were associated with other predictors. Thus, P-center locations do not correspond to any particular kinematic articulatory event, but rather to a complex of events taken from throughout the stimuli. These results are discussed in terms of their relevance to a model of P-centers as indices of underlying gestural timing.