The Combined Effect of Shungite and Heavy Metals on the Growth of Microalgae Роpulation

Research paper by G. A. Dallakyan, S. I. Pogosyan, V. I. Ipatova

Indexed on: 12 Mar '18Published on: 12 Mar '18Published in: Inland Water Biology


The combined effect of 3 mg/L potassium dichromate, 1.5 mg/L cadmium sulfate, and 100 g/L shungite on the growth of chlorococcales green microalgae culture Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turp.) Bréb. is studied. The toxic effect of potassium dichromate and cadmium sulfate on S. quadricauda is estimated by calculating the share of living and dead cells and physiological parameters. The toxic effect of heavy metals does not manifest itself under the combined action of potassium dichromate or cadmium sulfate and shungite on S. quadricauda. The best growth of the algae culture occurred only when only shungite was added to the culture medium. Shungite can be used to neutralize the toxic effect of heavy metals.