The Cohen-Macaulay property in derived commutative algebra

Research paper by Liran Shaul

Indexed on: 18 Feb '19Published on: 18 Feb '19Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Commutative Algebra


By extending some basic results of Grothendieck and Foxby about local cohomology to commutative DG-rings, we prove new amplitude inequalities about finite DG-modules of finite injective dimension over commutative local DG-rings, complementing results of J{\o}rgensen and resolving a recent conjecture of Minamoto. When these inequalities are equalities, we arrive to the notion of a Cohen-Macaulay DG-ring. We make a detailed study of this notion, showing that much of the classical theory of Cohen-Macaulay rings and modules can be generalized to the derived setting, and that there are many natural examples of Cohen-Macaulay DG-rings. In particular, Gorenstein DG-rings are Cohen-Macaulay. Our work is in a non-positive cohomological situation, allowing the Cohen-Macaulay condition to be introduced to derived algebraic geometry, but we also discuss extensions of it to non-negative DG-rings, which could lead to the concept of Cohen-Macaulayness in topology.