The Born series for $S$-wave quartet $nd$ scattering at small cutoff values

Research paper by Shung-Ichi Ando

Indexed on: 28 Jan '14Published on: 28 Jan '14Published in: Nuclear Theory


Perturbative expansions, the Born series, of the scattering length and the amplitude of $S$-wave neutron-deuteron scattering for spin quartet channel below deuteron breakup threshold are studied in pionless effective field theory at small cutoff values. A three-body contact interaction is introduced when the integral equation is solved using the small cutoffs. After renormalizing the three-body interaction by using the scattering length, we expand the integral equation as the ordinary and inverted Born series. We find that the scattering length and the phase shift are considerably well reproduced with a few terms of the inverted Born series at relatively large cutoff values, $\Lambda\simeq 100$ MeV.