[The birth of Edgewise or the last and best Angle's mechanisms].

Research paper by Julien J Philippe

Indexed on: 12 Oct '16Published on: 12 Oct '16Published in: L' Orthodontie francaise


Mechanical forces applied to the teeth constitute a not-insignificant feature of orthodontic treatment. Edgewise, the most commonly used type of mechanics, was introduced 88 years ago and has become a standard worldwide. The invention of Edgewise by E.H. Angle in 1928 is an event in the history of orthodontics which deserves to be recalled.Starting with the initial search for this method and leading up to a presentation of the technique itself, this paper provides an overview of the history of Angle mechanics.In order to demonstrate the first mechanical system to function in the three planes of space, Angle provided precise diagrams and instructions for use while insisting, on several occasions, that his mechanics was not complicated and that careful study should allow users to overcome any potential difficulties.The mechanism as devised by Angle, who died shortly after launching his invention, was only used for a short length of time. However, all subsequently invented therapeutic techniques incorporated the mechanical principles underpinning Edgewise, paying tribute in this way to a great invention.