The Baer-invariant of a Semidirect Product

Research paper by Behrooz Mashayekhy

Indexed on: 03 Apr '11Published on: 03 Apr '11Published in: Mathematics - Group Theory


In 1972 K.I.Tahara [7,2 Theorem 2.2.5], using cohomological method, showed that if a finite group $G=T\rhd<N$ is the semidirect product of a normal subgroup $N$ and a subgroup $T$, then $M(T)$ is a direct factor of $M(G)$, where $M(G)$ is the Schur-multiplicator of $G$ and in the finite case, is the second cohomology group of $G$. In 1977 W.Haebich [1 Theorem 1.7] gave another proof using a different method for an arbitrary group $G$ . In this paper we generalize the above theorem . We will show that ${\cal N}_cM(T)$ is a direct factor of ${\cal N}_cM(G)$, where ${\cal N}_c$ [3 page 102] is the variety of nilpotent groups of class at most $c\geq 1$ and ${\cal N}_cM(G)$ is {\it the Baer-invariant} of the group $G$ with respect to the variety ${\cal N}_c$ [3 page 107] .