The β-amylase polymorphism of winter common wheat grains

Research paper by V. P. Netsvetaev, O. V. Akinshina, L. S. Bondarenko, I. P. Motorina

Indexed on: 20 Feb '12Published on: 20 Feb '12Published in: Russian Journal of Genetics


The polymorphism of winter common wheat with respect to β-amylase isoenzymes has been analyzed using electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel (PAAG) buffered with a Tris-glycine system (pH 8.3). Seven β-amylase isoenzymes have been found in wheat varieties and the breeding stocks. Isoenzymes A, B, and C are the most frequent in Russian and Ukrainian varieties (51.7 ± 4.7, 30.7 ± 3.8, and 11.9 ± 2.5%, respectively). Two alleles of the β-Amy-D1 locus of the long arm of chromosome 4D have been identified. The substrate-enzyme affine effect can be used to locate the zones of activity of this enzyme by means of staining for proteins. It has been determined that β-amylase isoenzymes may play a role in the aggregating capacity of the grain protein complex via the formation of S-S bonds.