The Asymptotic Method Developed from Weak Turbulent Theory and the Nonlinear Permeability and Damping Rate in QGP

Research paper by Zheng Xiaoping, Li Jiarong

Indexed on: 02 Jul '97Published on: 02 Jul '97Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


With asymptotic method developed from weak turbulent theory, the kinetic equations for QGP are expanded in fluctuation field potential $A^T_\mu $. Considering the second-order and third-order currents, we derive the nonlinear permeability tensor function from Yang-Mills field equation, and find that the third-order current is more important in turbulent theory. The nonlinear permeability formulae for longitudinal color oscillations show that the non-Abelian effects are more important than the Abelian-like effects. To compare with other works, we give the numerical result of the damping rate for the modes with zero wave vector.