The Ariki-Terasoma-Yamada tensor space and the blob-algebra

Research paper by Steen Ryom-Hansen

Indexed on: 10 Mar '10Published on: 10 Mar '10Published in: Mathematics - Representation Theory


We show that the Ariki-Terasoma-Yamada tensor module and its permutation submodules $ M(\lambda) $ are modules for the blob algebra when the Ariki-Koike algebra is a Hecke algebra of type $B$. We show that $ M(\lambda)$ and the standard modules $ \Delta(\lambda) $ have the same dimensions, the same localization and similar restriction properties and are equal in the Grothendieck group. Still we find that the universal property for $ \Delta(\lambda) $ fails for $ M(\lambda) $, making $ M(\lambda) $ and $ \Delta(\lambda) $ different modules in general. Finally, we prove that $ M(\lambda) $ is isomorphic to the dual Specht module for the Ariki-Koike algebra.