The Application of Genetic Algorithm in E-Plane Waveguide Filter Design

Research paper by Lei Yin, ZuPing Qian, Wei Hong, Xiao Wei Zhu, YiYuan Chen

Indexed on: 01 Feb '00Published on: 01 Feb '00Published in: International journal of infrared and millimeter waves


Traditional optimization methods, such as Powell's method and the Simplex method, are generally very difficult to design high performance filters with the relative band-width less than 0.15% or more than 10%. In this paper, Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to design filters that meet these requirements. Two special filters are designed in this paper with the relative band-width as 0.15% and 25%, respectively. The numerical results demonstrate that GA can be used to design filters of superior quality when compared to the filters designed by using Powell's method or Simplex method.