The antibacterial effect of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate (Dermabond®) skin adhesive.

Research paper by Jeremy L JL Rushbrook, Grace G White, Lizi L Kidger, Philip P Marsh, Thomas Fo TF Taggart

Indexed on: 01 Nov '14Published on: 01 Nov '14Published in: Journal of infection prevention


Dermabond® is a tissue adhesive commonly used for wound or surgical incision closure. Its use has previously been associated with a reduction in wound infection, and it has been thought to act as a physical barrier to bacteria accessing the wound. This study aimed to establish whether the Dermabond® adhesive demonstrated any intrinsic antimicrobial properties. Solidified pellets of Dermabond® were placed on standardised Agar plates cultured with a variety of pathogens. Inhibition of growth was demonstrated against Gram-positive bacteria. Culture swabs taken from the inhibition rings demonstrated no growth, suggesting that Dermabond has a bactericidal mechanism of action. Based on the design of this study, the results suggest that Dermabond® demonstrates bactericidal properties against Gram-positive bacteria. Its use for wound closure following surgical intervention may reduce postoperative wound infection by Gram-positive organisms.