The anomalous depolarization anisotropy in the central backscattering area for turbid medium with Mie scatterers

Research paper by Xuezhen Wang, Jiancheng Lai, Yang Song Zhenhua Li

Indexed on: 14 Apr '18Published on: 02 Apr '18Published in: Journal of optics (2010)


It is generally recognized that circularly polarized light is preferentially maintained over linearly polarized light in turbid medium with Mie scatterers. However, in this work, the anomalous depolarization anisotropy is reported in the backscattering area near the point of illumination. Both experimental and Monte Carlo simulations show preferential retention of linear polarization states compared to circular polarization states in a specific backscattering area. Further analysis indicates that the anomalous depolarization behavior in the specific area is induced by lateral scattering events, which own low circular polarization memory. In addition, it is also found that the size of the anomalous depolarization area is related to the transport mean free path of the turbid medium.