The accuracy of women performing vaginal pH self-testing.

Research paper by Jennifer L JL Kulp, Sonal S Chaudhry, Brinda B Wiita, Gloria G Bachmann

Indexed on: 02 May '08Published on: 02 May '08Published in: Journal of women's health (2002)


To determine if women could measure their vaginal pH as accurately as could physicians.Each participant measured her vaginal pH using a swab, completed a survey, and then was seen by her physician, who also performed a vaginal pH test. The physician did not have access to the patient's pH reading; only the study coordinator recorded patient results. Accuracy of patient measurements compared with physician results was analyzed by the kappa statistic.A total of 161 women were enrolled in the study. The average difference between the patients' pH readings and the physicians' readings was <0.5. Overall, 85% of the patients' readings were in agreement with the physicians' readings, and the kappa statistic was 0.6.Study participants could accurately measure vaginal pH through self-testing. Vaginal pH self-testing may be a convenient tool to help women determine whether they should use an over-the-counter (OTC) antifungal medication or go to a physician for diagnostic workup.