The absolute chirality of (+)-12-Bromo-[2.2]metacyclophane-4-carbonitrile

Research paper by Harald Lehner, Helmut Paulus, Karl Schlögl

Indexed on: 01 Apr '81Published on: 01 Apr '81Published in: Monatshefte für Chemie - Chemical Monthly


The absolute configuration of (+)-12-bromo-[2.2]metacyclophane-4-carbonitril [(+)-4 e] was determined by theBijvoet X-ray diffraction method as(R)p (Fig. 1). This result allows the unambigous assignment of the absolute chiralities of all optically active 4-monosubstituted, 4,14-homodisubstituted, 4,12- and 4,14-heterodisubstituted [2.2]metacyclophanes chemically correlated with (+)-4 e. The result is compared with those obtained by other methods for establishing the absolute configuration.