The 2.1 Ga-old injectite network of the Franceville Basin, Gabon: Architecture, origin and implications on manganese mineralization

Research paper by ManonDuboisa, MichelLopeza, BeateOrbergerbc, AurélienGaya, MathieuMoussavoud, FlorentPamboe, SophieRodriguese

Indexed on: 10 Nov '17Published on: 01 Nov '17Published in: Precambrian Research


•We evidence the oldest known large scale injectite network of the planet (2.1 Ga).•Correspond to matrix- and cement-supported sandstones with a loose to floating fabric.•Exhibit sill, dyke, wing and protrusive geometries emplaced during early burial.•Associated to compaction disequilibrium and early biogenic methane charging of underlying isolated turbidite channels.•Responsible for lowering the grade of a giant Mn proto-ore and derived supergene world-class manganese ore deposit.