Texture of the main genetic types of clay rocks (according to data obtained by magnetic anisotropy)

Research paper by Yu. B. Osipov, B. A. Sokolov

Indexed on: 01 Jun '75Published on: 01 Jun '75Published in: Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment


The principles of the genetic classification of clay rock textures of different genesis which has been made on the data obtained by magnetic anisotropy method are presented. A qualitative evaluation of clay rock textures of marine, lacustrine, alluvial, talus and eluvial genesis is described. According to the mechanism of their formation the textures are distinguished as follows: coagulative, uncoagulative, accumulative and hypergene. A given geometric model and quantitative indices of texture are correlated with qualitative characteristics of texture ascertained from lithology and sedimentary petrography.