Tetracarbonyliron π complexes of β-iodovinyl ketones and esters of β-iodoacrylic acid and their reactions with the dicarbonyl-π-cyclopentadienyliron dimer

Research paper by A. N. Nesmeyanov, M. I. Rybinskaya, L. V. Rybin, E. A. Petrovskaya, A. I. Lutsenko

Indexed on: 01 Apr '77Published on: 01 Apr '77Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


The reaction of methyl β-iodovinyl ketone and esters of β-iodoacrylic acid with Fe2(CO)9 produced their tetracarbonyliron π complexes.The iodine atom in the complexes (RCOCH = CHI) [Fe(CO)4] (R = Me, MeO) is capable of being replaced by a CpFe(CO)2 group to form hexylcarbonyldiiron complexes.