Testing periclase-spinel brick in the roofs of open-hearth furnaces

Research paper by Zh. A. Vydrina, A. P. Panarin, A. I. Uzberg

Indexed on: 01 May '63Published on: 01 May '63Published in: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics


Special periclase-spinel brick OPShS with a high content of finely ground Kimpersai chromite and no magnesite in the finely ground part of the batch, used in roofs of large open-hearth furnaces, working in oxygen fed into the flame and into the bath, showed greater wear than PShS brick and about the same wear as MKhS.Rational periclase-spinel roof brick RPShS tested for the first time at MTMK showed encouraging results in regard to wear resistance.Roofs of periclase-spinel brick made in one case from Saranov and in the other from Kimpersai chromite, in identical conditions of production and service, did not reveal great differences in resistance.