Tensile and compressive behavior of Ti-based bulk metallic glass composites

Research paper by Yong-sheng Wang, Guo-jian Hao, Jun-pin Lin

Indexed on: 11 Jun '13Published on: 11 Jun '13Published in: International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials


This article focuses on the tensile and compressive characteristics of a Ti-based bulk metallic glass composite (BMGC). It is found that the yield stress, maximum strength, and fracture strain are 1380 MPa, 1516 MPa, and 4.3% for uniaxial tension, but 1580 MPa, 4010 MPa, and 29% for uniaxial compression, respectively. The composite displays a linear “work hardening” capacity under compression; however, the “work softening” behavior is observed in the true engineering stress-strain curve upon tensile loading. The fracture surfaces of specimens also exhibit dissimilar properties under the different loadings.