Ten-dimensional supersymmetric Janus solutions

Research paper by Eric D'Hoker, John Estes, Michael Gutperle

Indexed on: 26 Jun '07Published on: 26 Jun '07Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


The reduced field equations and BPS conditions are derived in Type IIB supergravity for configurations of the Janus type, characterized by an $AdS_4$-slicing of $AdS_5$, and various degrees of internal symmetry and supersymmetry. A generalization of the Janus solution, which includes a varying axion along with a varying dilaton, and has SO(6) internal symmetry, but completely broken supersymmetry, is obtained analytically in terms of elliptic functions. A supersymmetric solution with 4 conformal supersymmetries, SU(3) internal symmetry, a varying axion along with a varying dilaton, and non-trivial $B_{(2)}$ field, is derived analytically in terms of genus 3 hyper-elliptic integrals. This supersymmetric solution is the 10-dimensional Type IIB dual to the $\N=1$ interface super-Yang-Mills theory with SU(3) internal symmetry previously found in the literature.