Template-free synthesis of porous carbon from triazine based polymers and their use in iodine adsorption and CO2 capture.

Research paper by Chan C Yao, Guoyan G Li, Jiku J Wang, Yanhong Y Xu, Limin L Chang

Indexed on: 01 Feb '18Published on: 01 Feb '18Published in: Scientific Reports


A series of novel triazine-containing pore-tunable carbon materials (NT-POP@800-1-6), which was synthesized via pyrolysis of porous organic polymers (POPs) without any templates. NT-POP@800-1-6 possess moderate BET surface areas of 475-736 m2 g-1, have permanent porosity and plenty of nitrogen units in the skeletons as effective sorption sites, and display relatively rapid guest uptake of 56-192 wt% in iodine vapour in the first 4 h. In addition, all the samples exhibit the outstanding CO2 adsorption capacity of 2.83-3.96 mmol g-1 at 273 K and 1.05 bar. Furthermore, NT-POP@800-1-6 show good selectivity ratios of 21.2-36.9 and 3.3-7.5 for CO2/N2 or CH4/N2, respectively. We believe that our new building block design provides a general strategy for the construction of triazine-containing carbon materials from various extended building blocks, thereby greatly expanding the range of applicable molecules.