Technological innovations in tissue removal during rhinologic surgery.

Research paper by Raj R Sindwani, Ryan R Manz

Indexed on: 07 Mar '12Published on: 07 Mar '12Published in: American journal of rhinology & allergy


The modern rhinologist has a wide variety of technological innovations at his/her disposal for the removal of soft tissue and bone during endoscopic surgery. We identified and critically evaluated four leading tissue removal technologies that have impacted, or are poised to impact, rhinological surgery.A literature review was conducted.Technological functions, strengths and limitations of microdebriders, radio frequency ablation, endoscopic drills, and ultrasonic aspirators were explored. The primary drawback of powered instruments continues to be the higher costs associated with their use, and their main advantage is the ability to accomplish multiple functions such as tissue removal, suction, and irrigation, all with one tool. The effective and safe use of any powered instrument requires an intimate understanding of its function, capabilities, and limitations.Powered instrumentation continues to play a significant and evolving role in soft tissue and bone removal during rhinologic surgery.