Teaching and continuing education in pathology.

Research paper by E A EA Saxen, E E Saksela

Indexed on: 01 Sep '81Published on: 01 Sep '81Published in: Pathology - Research and Practice


Pathology is both a clinical and pre-clinical subject, a bridge between the clinical disciplines and the basic sciences. The teaching of organ pathology should be given to a major extent during the first clinical year, and only part of it should be integrated with the clinical courses, e.g., pediatric pathology and dermatopathology. The knowledge obtained from pathology courses provides a foundation for continuing education throughout the physician's professional life. Continuing education of academic pathologists includes activities of professional societies, following scientific journals, attending congresses and symposia, both national and international, sabbaticals, and shorter visits to other pathological laboratories. Continuing education of hospital pathologists should follow the same lines. In addition, the professional societies and academic pathologists should arrange courses and slide seminars especially for hospital pathologists. Hospital administrators should be informed about the importance of continuing education.

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