TDPAD measurements with highly oriented pyrolytic graphite using the19F(p, p′)19F* and19F(α, n)22Na* reactions

Research paper by P. W. Martin, D. Surono, F.-J. Hambsch, H. Postma, P. Rietveld

Indexed on: 01 Dec '93Published on: 01 Dec '93Published in: Hyperfine Interactions


The TDPAD technique has been used to investigate quadrupole interactions of19F*(Ex=197 keV,Jπ=5/2+,T1/2=88.5 ns) and22Na*(Ex=583 keV,Jπ=1+,T1/2=243 ns) in highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG). For19F* a single static quadrupole interaction was found with field gradientVZZ=3.24(19) × 1018 V/cm2. For the case of22Na* no quadrupole interaction was detected, leading to the conclusion that |QVZZ|<5.2(5) × 1015 b V/cm2. TakingQ=0.06 b for the 583 keV state on the basis ofB(E2) measurements and theoretical estimates, we find that |VZZ| <8.7(8) × 1016 V/cm2. The data demonstrate the advantages of using HOPG as a host material for the study of quadrupole interactions.