Taurine prevents fructose-diet induced collagen abnormalities in rat skin.

Research paper by Thirugnanam Anitha TA Nandhini, Velusami V Thirunavukkarasu, Mambakkam Katchapeswaran MK Ravichandran, Carani Venkataraman CV Anuradha

Indexed on: 23 Aug '05Published on: 23 Aug '05Published in: Journal of Diabetes and its Complications


The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of taurine administration on the content and characteristics of skin collagen in high-fructose-fed rats.Adult male Wistar rats were divided into four groups of six each: a control group (CON) and a taurine-supplemented control group (CON+TAU), a high fructose diet-fed group (FRU), and a taurine supplemented fructose diet-fed group (FRU+TAU). After 30 days, collagen was isolated from the skin, and its physicochemical properties were studied.Fructose administration caused an accumulation of collagen and extensive cross-linking. This was evidenced by increases in glycation, fluorescence, and peroxidation in collagen samples. The physicochemical properties of collagen, like shrinkage temperature, aldehyde content, solubility pattern, and susceptibility to denaturing agents, were altered in the fructose-fed rats. The sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic (SDS-PAGE) pattern of collagen from fructose-fed rats showed and elevated beta component of Type I collagen. Simultaneous administration of taurine alleviated these changes.The positive influence of taurine on both collagen content and its properties suggests a potential mechanism for the ability of taurine to delay diabetic complications.