\tau-rigid modules for algebras with radical square zero

Research paper by Xiaojin Zhang

Indexed on: 19 Dec '13Published on: 19 Dec '13Published in: Mathematics - Representation Theory


In this paper, we show that for an algebra $\Lambda$ with radical square zero and an indecomposable $\Lambda$-module $M$ such that $\Lambda$ is Gorenstein of finite type or $\tau M$ is $\tau$-rigid, $M$ is $\tau$-rigid if and only if the first two projective terms of a minimal projective resolution of $M$ have no on-zero direct summands in common. We also determined all $\tau$-tilting modules for Nakayama algebras with radical square zero. Moreover, by giving a construction theorem we show that a basic connected radical square zero algebra admitting a unique $\tau$-tilting module is local.