Tasimelteon: A Review in Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder in Totally Blind Individuals

Research paper by Gillian M. Keating

Indexed on: 23 Mar '16Published on: 22 Mar '16Published in: CNS Drugs


Tasimelteon (Hetlioz®) is a dual melatonin receptor agonist indicated for the treatment of Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder (Non-24) (free-running disorder). In two randomized, double-masked, multicentre, phase III trials, totally blind individuals with Non-24 who received oral tasimelteon 20 mg once nightly were significantly more likely than those receiving placebo to entrain the circadian pacemaker (the SET trial) and maintain entrainment (the RESET trial). Sleep/wake parameters and functioning were also improved with tasimelteon. Oral tasimelteon was generally well tolerated in totally blind patients with Non-24. In conclusion, tasimelteon is a useful drug for the treatment of Non-24 in totally blind individuals.