Tangible Industry 4.0: A Scenario-Based Approach to Learning for the Future of Production ☆

Research paper by Selim Erol, Andreas Jäger, Philipp Hold, Karl Ott, Wilfried Sihn

Indexed on: 22 Oct '16Published on: 20 Oct '16Published in: Procedia CIRP


Industry is currently undergoing a transformation towards full digitalization and intelligentization of manufacturing processes. Visionary but quite realistic concepts such as the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Cloud-based Manufacturing and Smart Manufacturing are drivers of the so called Fourth Industrial Revolution which is commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. Although a common agreement exists on the necessity for technological advancement of production technologies and business models in the sense of Industry 4.0, a major obstacle lies in the perceived complexity and abstractness which partly hinders its quick transformation into industrial practice. To overcome these burdens, we suggest a Scenario-based Industry 4.0 Learning Factory concept that we are currently planning to implement in Austria's first Industry 4.0 Pilot Factory. The concept is built upon a tentative competency model for Industry 4.0 and the use of scenarios for problem-oriented learning of future production engineering.