Systems Perspective of Morbillivirus Replication.

Research paper by Naveen N Kumar, Sanjay S Barua, Riyesh R Thachamvally, Bhupendra Nath BN Tripathi

Indexed on: 09 Sep '16Published on: 09 Sep '16Published in: Journal of molecular microbiology and biotechnology


Systems biology refers to system-wide changes in biological components such as RNA/DNA (genomics), protein (proteomics) and lipids (lipidomics). In this review, we provide comprehensive information about morbillivirus replication. Besides discussing the role of individual viral/host proteins in virus replication, we also discuss how systems-level analyses could improve our understanding of morbillivirus replication, host-pathogen interaction, immune response and disease resistance. Finally, we discuss how viroinformatics is likely to provide important insights for understanding genome-genome, genome-protein and protein-protein interactions.