Systematic preparation of Mo 2 4+ building blocks for supramolecular assemblies.

Research paper by F Albert FA Cotton, Chun Y CY Liu, Carlos A CA Murillo

Indexed on: 30 Mar '04Published on: 30 Mar '04Published in: Inorganic Chemistry


The preparation of additional and useful building blocks for the construction of supramolecular entities with quadruply bonded Mo(2)(4+) units has been explored, and five new mixed-ligand complexes with three types of ligands and various basicities are reported. The ligands used were the DAniF (N,N'-di-p-anisylformamidinate) anion, the acetate anion, and neutral acetonitrile molecules. The formamidinate ligands are the least labile, and the acetonitrile molecules are the most labile. This difference as well as a relatively strong trans directing influence by the formamidinate anions in ligand substitution reactions allows designed synthesis of various mixed-ligand building blocks, including rare pairs of cis and trans isomers. The new compounds are cis-Mo(2)(DAniF)(2)(O(2)CCH(3))(2) (1), trans-Mo(2)(DAniF)(2)(O(2)CCH(3))(2) (2), trans-[Mo(2)(DAniF)(2)(O(2)CCH(3))(CH(3)CN(eq)())(2)]BF(4) (3), trans-[Mo(2)(DAniF)(2)(CH(3)CN(eq)())(4)](BF(4))(2) (4), and [Mo(2)(O(2)CH(3))(CH(3)CN(eq)())(6)(CH(3)CN(ax)())](BF(4))(3) (5), where eq and ax designate equatorial and axial ligands, respectively. A comparison with some previously synthesized complexes is given along with a discussion of the overall reactivity of all compounds.