Synthesis of zinc hydrazonide complexes.

Research paper by Saba S Javed, David M DM Hoffman

Indexed on: 15 Nov '08Published on: 15 Nov '08Published in: Inorganic Chemistry


The zinc hydrazonide complexes [ClZn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))(py)](2), [ClZn(CH(2)C(t-Bu)=NNMe(2))](2), [Zn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))(2)](2), Zn(CH(2)C(i-Pr)=NNMe(2))(2), and Zn(CH(2)C(t-Bu)=NNMe(2))(2) were synthesized by salt metathesis reactions, and the coordination polymer [EtZn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))](n) was obtained from the reaction between excess ZnEt(2) and [Zn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))(2)](2). Single crystal X-ray crystallography studies revealed that the hydrazonide ligands were bound to zinc as chelating alkyl ligands. The ligand precursor [Li(CH(2)C(i-Pr)=NNMe(2))(THF)](n) was also structurally characterized. In the anion of [Li(CH(2)C(i-Pr)=NNMe(2))(THF)](n), the hydrazonide ligand in [EtZn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))](n), and the bridging hydrazonide ligands in [Zn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))(2)](2) and [ClZn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))(py)](2), there is evidence for three-center charge delocalization. In solution, the dimer [Zn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))(2)](2) is in equilibrium with the monomer Zn(CH(2)C(Me)=NNMe(2))(2). The thermodynamic parameters DeltaH degrees = 55.8(2.9) kJ/mol, DeltaS degrees = 144(2) J/mol K, and DeltaG degrees (298K) = 13(2) kJ/mol for the equilibrium were obtained from a variable temperature (1)H NMR study.