Synthesis of Quantum Circuits for Linear Nearest Neighbor Architectures

Research paper by Mehdi Saeedi, Robert Wille, Rolf Drechsler

Indexed on: 05 Sep '12Published on: 05 Sep '12Published in: Quantum Physics


While a couple of impressive quantum technologies have been proposed, they have several intrinsic limitations which must be considered by circuit designers to produce realizable circuits. Limited interaction distance between gate qubits is one of the most common limitations. In this paper, we suggest extensions of the existing synthesis flow aimed to realize circuits for quantum architectures with linear nearest neighbor (LNN) interaction. To this end, a template matching optimization, an exact synthesis approach, and two reordering strategies are introduced. The proposed methods are combined as an integrated synthesis flow. Experiments show that by using the suggested flow, quantum cost can be improved by more than 50% on average.