Synthesis of polyferrovinylsiloxanes with regulated metal content

Research paper by A. V. Alikovskii, S. G. Krasitskaya

Indexed on: 09 Apr '10Published on: 09 Apr '10Published in: Russian Journal of General Chemistry


Polyferrovinylsiloxanes with different ratio between silicon and metal close to the initial were synthesized in virtually quantitative yield. Polymers obtained are stable in solution. Formation of insoluble products of three-dimensional structure was observed, when polyferrovinylsiloxanes were isolated from solution. These insoluble products were shown to be converted into soluble state by treating with butanol (in toluene-butanol system at boiling the solvent mixture). The presence of butanol in the reaction mixture leads to formation of polyferrovinylsiloxanes of the more ordered structure close to cycle-linear.