Synthesis of New Crystalline Pu(V) Compounds from Solutions: VI. Malonates Co(NH3)6[PuO2C3H2O4]2A · nH2O, A = HCOO, CH3COO, C2H5COO, and C3H3O4

Research paper by N. N. Krot, A. A. Bessonov, I. A. Charushnikova, M. S. Grigor'ev, V. I. Makarenkov

Indexed on: 01 Sep '05Published on: 01 Sep '05Published in: Radiochemistry


New crystalline compounds of the general composition Co(NH3)6[PuO2L]2A · nH2O, where L = CH2(COO)2 and A = HCOO, CH3COO, C2H5COO, and HL, were prepared by adding a small excess of Co(NH3)63+ ions to freshly prepared neutral Pu(V) malonate solutions containing single-charged organic anions. The complexes are sparingly soluble in water and fairly stable when stored in air; they have a similar structure. Previously unknown double Np(V) malonates Co(NH3)6[NpO2L]2A · nH2O, where A = HCOO, CH3COO, and C2H5COO, isostructural with the corresponding Pu(V) compounds, were also prepared. The IR spectra of the new compounds were measured, and their behavior at heating was examined.