Synthesis of New Crystalline Pu(V) Compounds from Solutions: V. Crystal Structure of [Co(NH3)6][PuO2(C2O4)2] · 3H2O

Research paper by M. S. Grigor'ev, M. Yu. Antipin, N. N. Krot, A. A. Bessonov

Indexed on: 01 Sep '05Published on: 01 Sep '05Published in: Radiochemistry


The compound [Co(NH3)6][PuO2(C2O4)2] · 3H2O was studied by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The structure contains dimeric complex anions [PuO2(C2O4)2]26− in which the coordination polyhedra of the Pu atoms are distorted pentagonal bipyramids sharing a common equatorial edge. In going from [Co(NH3)6] · [NpO2(C2O4)2] · 3H2O to [Co(NH3)6][PuO2(C2O4)2] · 3H2O, the An-O distances, both axial (in the actinyl group) and equatorial, decrease virtually isotropically.