Synthesis of New Crystalline Pu(V) Compounds from Solutions: IV. Double Pu(V) Malonates of the Composition Co(NH3)6[PuO2C3H2O4]2A ⋅ nH2O, A = NO3, ClO4, Cl, and Br

Research paper by N. N. Krot, A. A. Bessonov, I. A. Charushnikova, M. S. Grigor’ev, V. I. Makarenkov

Indexed on: 01 May '05Published on: 01 May '05Published in: Radiochemistry


New crystalline compounds of the composition Co(NH3)6[PuO2L]2A ⋅ nH2O, where L = C3H2O4 and A = NO3, ClO4, Cl, and Br, were obtained by addition of a small excess of Co(NH3)63+ ions to freshly prepared neutral malonate solutions of Pu(V). They are fairly stable in storage in air and isostructural to the corresponding Np(V) compounds. Thermal behavior of the compounds synthesized was studied, and their IR spectra were measured.