Synthesis of imidazolino [1,2-f]xanthin-2-ones and their methylene-group-substituted derivatives

Research paper by V. I. Nosachenko, P. M. Kochergin, P. N. Steblyuk

Indexed on: 01 Aug '76Published on: 01 Aug '76Published in: Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds


8-Amino-7-theophyllylacetic acids and their esters were obtained by reaction of 8-amino(alkylamino, arylamino)theophyllines with haloacetic acids and their esters. The structures of the products were established, and the conditions for cyclization to imidazolino[1,2-f]xanthin-2-one derivatives were studied. The corresponding methylene-group-substituted derivatives were synthesized by reaction of the imidazolino[1,2-f]xanthin-2-one derivatives with aldehydes, isatin, aromatic nitroso compounds, and arenediazonium salts. The ylidene derivatives of this threering system were also obtained by reaction of 8-amino-7-theophyllylacetic acids or their esters with carbonyl compounds.