Synthesis of explosive decompression-resistant rubbers with the use of detonation carbon

Research paper by L. A. Akopyan, M. N. Zlotnikov, B. V. Rumyantsev, N. L. Abramova, M. V. Zobina, T. L. Mordvintseva

Indexed on: 01 Apr '04Published on: 01 Apr '04Published in: Physics of the Solid State


This paper reports on the results of analyzing the possibility of synthesizing explosive decompression-resistant rubbers based on a Therban hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber containing a mixture of technical-grade detonation carbon (from 0.14 to 27.10 wt %) and fillers with different degrees of dispersion and anisometry. The addition of detonation carbon affects both the α relaxation associated with the segmental mobility and the slow λ relaxation of ordered microblocks. A new class of highly elastic materials that are resistant to explosive decompression is designed and synthesized using technical-grade detonation carbon in a mixture with fillers of different compositions and structures.