Synthesis of β-amino-α-trifluoromethyl alcohols and their applications in organic synthesis.

Research paper by Grzegorz G Mlostoń, Emilia E Obijalska, Heinz H Heimgartner

Indexed on: 16 Apr '20Published on: 01 Aug '10Published in: Journal of Fluorine Chemistry


A comprehensive overview on methods applied for syntheses of β-amino-α-trifluoromethyl alcohols, including stereocontrolled variants, is presented. In addition, reported cases of the exploration of β-amino-α-trifluoromethyl alcohols for the preparation of trifluoromethylated peptidomimetics and other biologically active, fluorinated compounds are discussed. Attractive opportunities for their applications as organocatalysts are also presented. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.