Synthesis of arylamides of N-propionylanthranilic acid and their cyclization to 2-ethyl-3-aryl-4-quinazolones

Research paper by Yu. V. Kozhevnikov, V. N. Aleshina, S. E. Beketova

Indexed on: 01 Oct '69Published on: 01 Oct '69Published in: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal


A number of arylamides of N-propionylanthranilic acid have been prepared by reaction of methyl N-propionylanthranilate with dimagnesylamines, and also by acylation of arylamides of anthranilic acid with propionic anhydride; their properties have been studied.A method of synthesizing 2-ethyl-3-aryl-4-quinazolones based on arylamides of N-propionyl-anthranilic acid has been worked out.The structures of the compounds have been confirmed by ultraviolet and infrared spectra.