Synthesis of a Re-usable Cellobiase Enzyme Catalyst through In situ Encapsulation in Nonsurfactant Templated Sol–Gel Mesoporous Silica

Research paper by Yen Wei, Sudipto Das, David Berke-Schlessel, Hai-Feng Ji, John McDonough, Lin Feng, Xiang Zhang, Wentao Zhai, Yingze Cao

Indexed on: 26 Oct '12Published on: 26 Oct '12Published in: Topics in Catalysis


We present a re-usable enzyme catalyst system via direct encapsulation of cellobiase in nonsurfactant templated sol–gel mesoporous silica host material with d-fructose as the template. The pore diameter and porosity of the silica host material, controlled by the fructose content, controlled the diffusion of substrate to the enzyme. This in situ immobilized cellobiase showed little or no leakage while could be repeatedly used as biocatalyst with little or no loss of activity after at least 9 cycles.