Synthesis of 2-hydroxy-3-carbethoxy-5,6-dialkylpyrazines

Research paper by S. I. Zav'yalov, A. G. Zavozin

Indexed on: 01 May '80Published on: 01 May '80Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


Some 2-hydroxy-3-carbethoxy-5,6-dialkylpyrazines were synthesized by reacting the hydrochlorides of α-amino ketones with carbethoxyacetyl chloride in the presence of N,N-di-ethylaniline, azo-coupling the obtained N-(carbethoxyacetyl)-α-amino ketones with phenyldiazonium salt, and reduction of the intermediate N-(phenylhydrazonocarbethoxyacetyl)-α-amino ketones with zinc.