Synthesis and study of complexes of Pu(V) and Np(V) formates and acetates with α,α′-bipyridine

Research paper by A. A. Bessonov, N. N. Krot, M. S. Grigor’ev, V. I. Makarenkov

Indexed on: 18 Jan '11Published on: 18 Jan '11Published in: Radiochemistry


Crystalline NpO2OOCH·C10H8N2·nH2O and NpO2OOCCH3·C10H8N2·H2O were synthesized by the addition of a small excess of α,α′-bipyridine to neutral Np(V) formate and acetate solutions. In the wet state and after drying in air, these compounds have essentially different powder X-ray patterns. In the dry state, these compounds are monohydrates. In formate solutions with addition of α,α′-bipyridine, Pu(V) behaves similarly, whereas attempts to prepare the related Pu(V) acetate complexes failed. The Np(V) and Pu(V) compounds AnO2OOCCH3·C10H8N2·nH2O are isostructural. According to the results of spectrophotometric studies, the coordination polyhedron of the central atom in all the compounds studied is a pentagonal bipyramid. The IR spectra were recorded and the thermal behavior of the compounds was studied.