Synthesis and structure of U(VI), Np(VI), and Pu(VI) propionates

Research paper by V. N. Serezhkin, M. S. Grigor’ev, A. R. Abdul’myanov, A. M. Fedoseev, L. B. Serezhkina

Indexed on: 18 Nov '15Published on: 18 Nov '15Published in: Crystallography Reports


Crystals of [AnO2(C2H5COO)2(H2O)2], where An = U (I), Np (II), or Pu (III), have been synthesized and studied by X-ray diffraction at 100 K. Compounds I–III are isostructural and crystallize in the monoclinic system, sp. gr. C2/c, Z = 4, with the following unit-cell parameters: a = 7.4677(2), 7.4740(1), 7.512(2) Å, b = 14.2384(4), 14.1681(3), 14.182(4) Å, c = 10.5977(3), 10.5875(2), 10.607(3) Å, β = 92.384(1)°, 92.476(1)°, 92.668(17)°. Crystals I–III are composed of the mononuclear complexes [AnO2(C2H5COO)2(H2O)2] as the main structural units belonging to the crystal-chemical group AB012M12 (A= AnO2+2, B01 = C2H5COO–, M1 = H2O). The crystal-chemical analysis of the structures of compounds of the composition UO2L2 · nH2O, where L is the carboxylate ion, is performed.