Synthesis and structure of the Li13 cage [[[O-P(mu-NtBu)]2Li2]3(LiCl)6Li(Cl/OnBu)0.5(thf)7], containing a [O-P(mu-NtBu)]2(2-) dianion.

Research paper by Wesley Ting Kwok WT Chan, Dana D Eisler, Felipe F García, Silvia S Gonzalez-Calera, Mary M McPartlin, James V JV Morey, Robert E RE Mulvey, Sanjay S Singh, Alexander A Steiner, Dominic S DS Wright

Indexed on: 09 May '08Published on: 09 May '08Published in: Chemical Communications


The hydrolysis of [ClP(mu-NtBu)]2 with H2O-Et3N in thf, followed by in situ lithiation with nBuLi gives the Li13 cage [[[O-P(mu-NtBu)]2Li2]3(LiCl)6Li(Cl/OnBu)0.5(thf)7], containing a [O-P(mu-NtBu)]2(2-) dianion that is isoelectronic with ligands of the type [(RN)P(mu-NR)]2(2-).