Synthesis and recycling of lead tungstate

Research paper by V. T. Kalinnikov, O. G. Gromov, A. P. Kuz’min, G. B. Kunshina, E. P. Lokshin, Yu. A. Savel’ev, S. F. Burachas

Indexed on: 01 May '06Published on: 01 May '06Published in: Inorganic Materials


We have developed liquid-phase and solid-state processes for the preparation of tetragonal lead tungstate powder with the stoichiometric PbO: WO3 ratio. Solid-state synthesis has been shown to have a number of significant advantages over the liquid-phase process. In addition, a procedure has been developed for processing PbWO4 crystal growth waste through PbWO4 decomposition in nitric acid, which ensures the preparation of extrapure-grade WO3 and PbO. The WO3 and PbO thus obtained have been used in solid-state synthesis of PbWO4, from which high-quality crystals have been grown.