Synthesis and Polar and Electrooptical Properties of a Butylamine Derivative of Fullerene C60

Research paper by N. P. Evlampieva, A. V. Yakimanskii, A. V. Dobrodumov, O. V. Nazarova, Yu. B. Pashkov, E. F. Panarin, E. I. Ryumtsev

Indexed on: 01 May '05Published on: 01 May '05Published in: Russian Journal of General Chemistry


A butylamine derivative of fullerene was prepared by the reaction of butylamine with fullerene C60. The experimental electrooptical and dipole characteristics of the derivative were compared with the corresponding calculated PM3 data. The reaction product proved to be inhomogeneous in the number of the amine molecules added; it contains polar multiadducts of C60 with noncentrosymmetric distribution of covalently bound amino groups over the fullerene core.