Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of new twin-tailed N-oxide based gemini surfactants.

Research paper by Federico F Bordi, Giorgio G Cerichelli, Nadia N de Berardinis, Marco M Diociaiuti, Luisa L Giansanti, Giovanna G Mancini, Simona S Sennato

Indexed on: 02 Apr '10Published on: 02 Apr '10Published in: Langmuir


New gemini surfactants (GSs) constituted by two double alkyl chain (from 7 to 17 methylenic units) N-oxide monovalent surfactants joined by a PEG spacer of different length (from 3 to 21 ethylene glycol units), thus combining the properties of both N-oxide and GS surfactants, were synthetized and characterized. The different hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance of the molecular structure strongly influences the morphology and the electrical features of the aggregates. Despite the zwitterionic nature of the polar head groups, all the aggregates are characterized by positive potential thus suggesting protonation at the interface; however, the extent of protonation was shown to strongly depend on the length of the alkyl chain and of the spacer.