Synthesis and magnetooptical properties of mesomorphic complexes of lanthanides with β-aminovinyl ketones

Research paper by O. A. Kharitonova, A. V. Prosvirin, Yu. G. Galyametdinov, I. V. Ovchinnikov

Indexed on: 01 Sep '96Published on: 01 Sep '96Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


Complexes of the composition L(LH)2Ln(NO3)2 (Ln = La, Dy, Gd, Er, Eu, or Tb) were obtained by the reaction of β-aminovinyl ketone (LH) with rare earth metal nitrates. All the compounds synthesized are thermotropic liquid crystals having the smectic SA phase. The values of magnetic anisotropy of these complexes measured by magnetic birefringence are fairly high.