Synthesis and evaluation of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, ulcerogenic and lipid peroxidation properties of new 2-(4-isobutylphenyl)propanoic acid derivatives.

Research paper by Jignesh Priyakant JP Raval, Ankur Navinchandra AN Gandhi, Tarunkumar Nanjibhai TN Akhaja, Kruti Navinbhai KN Myangar, Nilesh Hasmukhbhai NH Patel

Indexed on: 27 May '11Published on: 27 May '11Published in: Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry


Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of various 2-(4-isobutylphenyl)propanoic acid derivatives containing 1,3,4-thiadiazole and thiadiazolo[3,2-a][1,3,5]triazine-5-thione nucleus is reported here. The structures of new compounds are supported by IR, (1)H & (13)C NMR data. These compounds were tested in vivo for their anti-inflammatory activity. The compounds which showed activity comparable to the standard drug ibuprofen were screened for their analgesic, ulcerogenic and lipid peroxidation activities. The compounds, which showed less ulcerogenic action, also showed reduced malondialdehyde production (MDA). Compound 4i and 5f showed 89.50 and 88.88% of inhibition in paw edema, 69.80 and 66.25% protection against acetic acid-induced writhings and 0.7 and 0.65 of severity index, respectively, compared to 90.12, 72.50 and 1.95 values of ibuprofen.